January 2, 2017


All or Nothing – 2002 | 128mins | Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

All or Nothing

Mike Leigh once again captures the realities of life in working-class London, this time interweaving the stories of three families on a rundown housing estate over a long weekend. It is a grim slice of life and hardly groundbreaking for Leigh but despite the bleakness there are occasional moments of light humour and humanity.

This time we examine the life of mini-cab driver Phil (Timothy Spall), he’s a gentle, philosophical guy but the joy has gone out his life. His sharp-tongued and dissatisfied partner Penny (Lesley Manville) works on the checkout at the local Safeway and has long-since lost the ability to communicate with her husband and their dysfunctional family. Their daughter Rachel (Alison Garland) is a member of the cleaning crew at a retirement home, and their son overweight Rory (James Corden) is unemployed and angry. An unexpected tragedy occurs that brings them closer, and they rediscover their love for each other. We also get to see the lives of some of Phil and Penny’s neighbours, some of whom become involved in the family’s lives and experience an emotional journey.

Production Team

Mike Leigh: Director
Tom Read: Art Direction
Dick Pope: Cinematography
Jacqueline Durran: Costume Design
Lesley Walker: Editing
Andrew Dickson: Music Score
Simon Channing-Williams: Producer
Eve Stewart: Production Design
Mike Leigh: Script
Malcolm Hirst: Sound
Peter Joly: Sound


Timothy Spall: Phil Bassett
Lesley Manville: Penny Bassett
Alison Garland: Rachel Bassett
James Corden: Rory Bassett
Ruth Sheen: Maureen
Marion Bailey: Carol

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