January 2, 2017


Among Giants – 1999 | 95mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Among Giants

Set amongst the working classes of Sheffield, Australian backpacker Gerry (Rachel Griffiths) meets middle-aged Ray (Pete Postlethwaite), who’s separated from his estranged wife due to his work, and now lives with younger pal Steve (James Thornton). Ray is the foreman of a motley crew of free-lance painter hired by the local electrical company to paint electricity pylons on the Yorkshire moors by the end of the summer.

Owing to her mountain climbing skills, Gerry asks Ray for a job, and while the crew initially resents having a woman on the team, her fearlessness soon wins them over. Steven has eyes for Gerry, but despite the age gap she takes up with Ray instead. Ray’s love and generosity make Gerry think she can settle down, which sets the stage for Steven to feel betrayed by both when Gerry decides to complicate matters.

Production Team

Sam Miller: Director
Lou Spain: Associate Producer
Witold Stok: Cinematography
Stephanie Collie: Costume Design
Elen Pierce Lewis: Editing
Paul Green: Editing
Sharon Harel: Executive Producer
Jane Barclay: Executive Producer
Jana Edelbaum: Executive Producer
David M Thompson: Executive Producer
Tim Atack: Original Music
Stephen Garrett: Producer
Luana Hanson: Production Design
Simon Beaufoy: Script
Rosie Straker: Sound


Pete Postlethwaite: Ray
Rachel Griffiths: Gerry
James Thornton: Steven
Lennie James: Shovel
Andy Serkis: Bob

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