January 2, 2017


And Now the Screaming Starts! – 1973 | 91 mins | Horror | Colour


Plot Synopsis

And Now the Screaming Starts!

Atmospheric low-budget horror from Amicus Productions that begins as a psychological thriller but soon descends into a by-numbers horror. Directed by veteran Roy Ward Baker and starring venerable horror veteran Peter Cushing there’s very little action and few surprises in this predictable yet enjoyable Gothic yarn.

England, 1795. Young newlyweds Catherine (Stephanie Beacham) and Sir Charles Fengriffen (Ian Ogilvy) arrive at the family’s ancestral mansion. Almost immediately, Catherine is set upon by a series of strange hallucinations and visions involving a severed hand, as well as a creepy, eyeless ghost watching from the window. Catherine’s sanity is threatened as she tries to uncover the source of the malevolent happenings; and anybody offering to help enlighten her meets with a fatal accident.

A sudden pregnancy only adds to the mystery as Catherine slowly begins to find out what dark secrets really exist at Fengriffen. Her husband’s grandfather, nobleman Henry Fengriffen (Herbert Lom), had some generations earlier raped the virgin wife of one of his servants, and having also chopped off his hand; the enraged woodcutter placed a curse on Henry and any descendants of the Fengriffen family. The servant’s curse is now in full effect, and Charles appeals to Dr. Pope (Peter Cushing) to assist.

Production Team

Roy Ward Baker: Director
Tony Curtis: Art Direction
Denys N Coop: Cinematography
Peter Tanner: Editing
Paul Rabige: Makeup Department
Max Rosenberg: Producer
Milton Subotsky: Producer
Roger Marshall: Script


Peter Cushing: Dr Pope
Herbert Lom: Henry Fengriffen
Ian Ogilvy: Charles Fengriffen
Stephanie Beacham: Catherine Fengriffen
Patrick Magee: Dr Whittle
Geoffrey Whitehead: Silas
Guy Rolfe: Maitland

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