January 2, 2017


And Soon The Darkness – 1970 | 99 mins | Horror, Thriller | Colour


Plot Synopsis

And Soon The Darkness

And Soon The Darkness was a gripping thriller made by Avengers creators Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell for Associated British in1970. Written by Clemens and occasional collaborator Terry Nation, the atmospheric and suspenseful story is reminiscent of the downbeat terrors that Clemens would use in his under-rated television series Thriller. The film was directed by Avengers graduate Robert Fuest, who had started as set designer and ended up a stylish director.

Two British nurses, Jane(Pamela Franklin) and Cathy (Michele Dotrice), go on a bicycling vacation in north-west France. After quarrelling, the two girls separate. The more responsible of the pair, Jane, feels guilty about leaving her bored friend sunbathing, and decides to return to the infamous stretch of road where she left her friend. When she gets there, she finds her friend is missing and begins a tour of the surrounding area, questioning those she encounters about her friend. However,the locals are mostly sinister and unhelpful, and as time passes and there is no trace of her friend, Jane imagines the worst, and fears that the next person she encounters could be her friend’s killer.

Production Team

Robert Fuest: Director
Ian Wilson: Cinematography
Ann Chegwidden: Film Editing
Allan McKeown: Makeup Department
Gerry Fletcher: Makeup Department
Laurie Johnson: Original Music
Albert Fennell: Producer
Brian Clemens: Producer
Terry Nation: Script
Brian Clemens: Script
Terry Lynn Allen: Sound Department
Peter Lennard: Sound Department
AW Lumkin: Sound Department
Bill Rowe: Sound Department


Pamela Franklin: Jane
Michele Dotrice: Cathy
Sandor Elès: Paul
John Nettleton: Gendarme
Clare Kelly: Schoolmistress
Hana Maria Pravda: Madame Lassal
John Franklyn: Old Man
Claude Bertrand: Lassal
Jean Carmet: Renier

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