January 2, 2017


And the Same to You – 1960 | 70 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

And the Same to You

Based on A.P. Dearsley stage farce The Chigwell Chicken, a prudish reverend joins forces with a crooked boxing promoter to save both themselves and a village hall in this weak comedy. And the Same to You was co-written by John Paddy Carstairs, writer-director of many of the Norman Wisdom comedies.

Reverend Sydney Mullett (Leo Franklyn) is desperately suspicious of the boxing promoter Wally Burton (William Hartnell) who uses the Church�s village hall as a boxing gym. When Wally makes it known the roof is falling in and that it will cost thousands to repair the pair conjure up a scheme for Sydney�s gormless nephew Dickie (Brian Rix) to become a boxer himself and fight under the name of Dickie Dreadnought. Everything seems certain until the Archdeacon decides to make a surprise visit the village hall. To trick the Archdeacon into believing the hall is used as a youth club, Hartnell poses as a man of the cloth whilst his assistant Horace (Tommy Cooper) masquerades as a Scout Leader. The night end in chaos as Wally�s crooked shenanigan�s backfire, Dickie falls in love with the gym secretary and the Archdeacon�s wife admits to being a compulsive gambler.

Production Team

George Pollock: Director
William J Gell: Producer
John Paddy Carstairs: Script


Brian Rix: Dickie Dreadnought
William Hartnell: Wally Burton
Leo Franklyn: Rev Sydney Mullett
Tommy Cooper: Horace
Vera Day: Cynthia
Sid James: Sammy Gatt
Miles Malleson: Bishop
Arthur Mullard: Tubby
Renee Houston: Mildred
Dick Bentley: George Nibbs
John Robinson: Pomphret
Terry Scott: Police Constable
Shirley Anne Field: Iris
Ronald Adam: Trout
Tony Wright: Percy Gibbons

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