January 2, 2017


Angels One Five – 1952 | 98 mins | War, Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Angels One Five

Honest documentary-style depiction of the WWII air war during ‘Britain’s finest hour’, with a heavy emphasis on life at an RAF fighter station from the perspective of the men and women on the ground. TV pioneer George More O’Ferrall draws on his first-hand knowledge and personal experiences as a Royal Artillery staff officer at Fighter Command HQ to depict an anxious, uncertain Battle of Britain. His slice-of-life realism reveals a world where heroism, pragmatism and fear are inextricably linked, and stiff-upper-lip conservatism is a necessary defence against panic and despair. Filmed mainly at RAF Kenleyat the real ’11 Group’ operations block at RAF Uxbridge.

Based around events at a RAF fighter station in the summer of 1940, young volunteer reservist T.B. �Septic� Baird (John Gregson) arrives in a heap by landing his Hurricane on its nose in a garden at the end on the runway. �He has troubles getting to be one of the boys and is initially grounded and transferred to the operations centre until he recovers from a neck strain. He tugs it out with bullishGroup Captain ‘Tiger’ Small (Jack Hawkins) to get airborne and finally gets hisway.

Production Team

George More O\’Ferrall: Director
Frederick Pusey: Art Direction
Christopher Challis: Cinematography
Daniel Birt: Film Editing
Polly Young: Makeup Department
Kenneth Mackay: Makeup Department
Derek N Twist: Producer
John W Gossage: Producer
Derek N Twist: Script
HL Bird: Sound Department
Harold V King: Sound Department
Alfred Wilson: Sound Department


Jack Hawkins: Group Captain \’Tiger\’ Small
Michael Denison: Squadron Leader Peter Moon
Dulcie Gray: Nadine Clinton
John Gregson: Pilot Officer \’Septic\’ Baird
Cyril Raymond: Squadron Leader Barry Clinton
Veronica Hurst: Betty Carfax
Harold Goodwin: AC 2 Wailes
Norman Pierce: \’Bonzo\’
Geoffrey Keen: Company Sergeant Major

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