January 2, 2017


Animal Farm – 1955 | 75 mins | Animation | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Animal Farm

Halas and Batchelor directed, produced and wrote this full-length animated version of George Orwell’s totalitarian satire, though no barnstormer the film is a faithful rendition of piggy Napoleon’s rise to become the great dictator of the farm.

The animals on Manor Farm are cruelly exploited and beaten by their oppressive owner Jones. With little to lose, the animals join together in a barnyard rebellion, they overthrow their master and take over the farm. The newly liberated livestock establish rules to ensure equality among themselves, and an even distribution of wealth. For a while, Animal Farm thrives, and all is peaceful. But the pigs begin to assume more and more power, until one of them, pig Napoleon becomes dictator. Enforcing their rule with a pack of vicious dogs, the ascendant pigs relax and drink while the other animals work slavishly. Eventually, the revolution is forgotten, the farm is an imitation of the evil characteristics of the overthrown regime, and the motto “All animals are equal” has been chillingly modified to: “But some animals are more equal that others.

Production Team

Joy Batchelor: Director
John Halas: Director
SJ Griffiths: Cinematography
Matyas Seiber: Original Music
John Halas: Producer
Louis De Rochemont: Producer
Joy Batchelor: Script
Borden Mace: Script
Lothar Wolff: Script
John Halas: Script


Maurice Denham: All Animals
Gordon Heath: Narrator

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