January 2, 2017


Another Time, Another Place – 1983 | 118mins | Drama | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Another Time Another Place

This thoughtful drama was the directorial debut of Michael Radford and an early Channel Four film production.

Set in Scotland Highlands during World War II, Janie (Phyllis Logan) is a sexually frustrated crofter�s wife living in a small rural farming community. Fifteen years trapped in a marriage to a farmer who is cold and distant has left her aching for something more. As the war spirals on, a trio of Italian prisoners are sent to Janie’s town to work as farmhands, helping out the locals. It is not long before Janie grasps the chance of an escape from the monotony of her life, embarking on a doomed affair with one of the prisoners, Luigi (Giovanni Mauriello). Putting herself on the line in a time of such uncertainty and heartache, Janie stands to lose more than just her lover.

Production Team

Michael Radford: Director
Hayden Pearce: Art Direction
Roger Deakins: Cinematography
Louise Frogley: Costume Design
Tom Priestley: Editing
John McLeod: Original Music
Simon Perry: Producer
John Francis Lane: Script
Michael Radford: Script


Phyllis Logan: Janie
Giovanni Mauriello: Luigi
Denise Coffey: Meg
Tom Watson: Finlay
Gianluca Favilla: Umberto
Gregor Fisher: Beel
Paul Young: Dougal

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