January 2, 2017


Appointment in London – | 96 mins | War | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Appointment in London

Director Philip Leacock brought depth and unobtrusive comment to a routine subject which, even in 1953, could easily have become hackneyed in lesser hands. The wartime drama depicts the strain and stress of a Bomber Command squadron during one month in 1943, focusing on the rivalry between an overworked Wing Commander and an American officer who are in love with the same woman.

Dedicated World War II bomber pilot, Tim Mason (Dirk Bogarde), understandably under considerable strain after completing 89 missions over enemy territory, is grounded by his unsympathetic superiors. He finds relaxation in his friendship with Eve (Dinah Sheridan), a naval intelligence war widow, whose affections he wins from American liaison officer Captain Logan (William Sylvester). When a fellow pilot is injured during the Bomber Command offensive over Germany, the grounded wing commander deliberately disobeys orders and takes to the air in a bid to notch up his 90th sortie.

Production Team

Philip Leacock: Director
Donald M Ashton: Art Direction
Stephen Dade: Cinematography
Sheila Graham: Costume Design
Vladimir Sagovsky: Editing
Helen Penfold: Makeup Department
Jim Hydes: Makeup Department
John Wooldridge: Original Music
Aubrey Baring: Producer
Maxwell Setton: Producer
John Wooldridge: Script
Robert Westerby: Script
AG Ambler: Sound Department
Gerry Anderson: Sound Department
John Cox: Sound Department


Dirk Bogarde: Wing-Commander Tim Mason
Ian Hunter: Group Captain Logan
Dinah Sheridan: Eve Canyon
Bryan Forbes: Pilot Officer Peter Greeno
Walter Fitzgerald: Dr Mulvaney
Bill Kerr: Flight Lieutenant Bill Brown
William Sylvester: Major Mac Baker
Anne Leon: Mrs Pamela Greeno
Charles Victor: Dobbie
Richard Wattis: Pascal
Sam Kydd: Ackroyd
Terence Longdon: Dr Buchanan
Michael Ripper: Bomb Aimer

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