January 2, 2017


Appointment with Crime – 1946 | 90 mins | Crime, Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Appointment with Crime

Vibrant post-war thriller excellently conceived with detailed, inventive characterizations, and one of several above average crime films made by William Hartnell in the mid-Forties including Murder in Reverse (1945), Temptation Harbour (1947) and Brighton Rock (1947). The film was originally submitted to the censor in script form under the title �999�, the BBFC demanded at least four violent scenes to be cut, and the more restrained story became Appointment with Crime.

Leo Martin (William Hartnell) is a jewel thief sent to prison when a steel shutter traps his wrists during a botched Bond Street raid, and his associates drive away leaving him at the scene of the crime. When released from prison, Leo vows vengeance on his double-crossing accomplice Gus Loman (Raymond Lovell) who vowed not to let him down. When Loman�s taxi driver, Hatchett, turns up dead, Det. Insp. Rogers (Robert Beatty) is assigned to investigate.

Rogers enquires also lead him to shady art dealer Gregory Lang (Herbert Lom), who is implicated as a gun stolen from his office drawer by Loman was used to kill Hatchett � and Leo is demanding �400 for its return. Lang decides to hire hit man Noel Penn (Alan Wheatley) to deal with Loman � and intends to silence Leo himself.

Production Team

John Harlow: Director
R Holmes Paul: Art Direction
C Wilfred Arnold: Art Direction
Gerald Moss: Cinematography
James Wilson: Cinematography
Monica Kimick: Film Editing
Harry Hayward: Makeup Department
Doris Cummins: Makeup Department
George Melachrino: Original Music
Louis H Jackson: Producer
John Harlow: Script
Harold V King: Sound Department
Cecil Thornton: Sound Department


William Hartnell: Leo Martin
Raymond Lovell: Gus Loman
Robert Beatty: Det Insp Rogers
Herbert Lom: Gregory Lang
Joyce Howard: Carol Dane
Alan Wheatley: Noel Penn
Cyril Smith: Det Sgt Weeks
Elsie Wagstaff: Mrs Wilkins
Ian Fleming: Prison governor
Wally Patch: Joe Fisher
Ian Maclean: Det Mason
Harry Lane: Big Mike
Kenneth Warrington: Winckle
Paul Croft: Dusty
Wilfrid Hyde-White: Cleaner

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