January 2, 2017


Appointment with Venus – 1951 | 90 mins | Comedy, War | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Appointment with Venus

Delightful World War II farce based on the novel by Jerrard Tickell. At the outbreak of WWII, the Ministry of Agriculture and the War Office join forces to launch a daring mission to rescue a highly lucrative pedigree cow, Venus, from the German-occupied Channel Island of Armorel. English Army Major Valentine Moreland (David Niven), his A.T.S. assistant Nicola Fallaize (Glynis Johns), radio operator Forbes (Patric Doonan) and ship�s pilot Trawler Langley (Noel Purcell) are dispatched to the small island to rescue Venus.

Problems arise when the German commander on Armorel, Weiss (George Coulouris), also discovers the cow�s value and intends to evacuate Venus back to Germany. On the island, assistance comes in the shape of pacifist artist Lionel (Kenneth More), a relation of Nicola, who initially rebuffs her request for help. Lionel is given the task of painting a portrait of Venus as a diversion; the cow is then secreted in a cave awaiting collection by the Royal Navy.

Production Team

Ralph Thomas: Director
George Provis: Art Direction
Ernest Steward: Cinematography
Gerald Thomas: Editing
Ernest Gasser: Makeup Department
Biddy Chrystal: Makeup Department
George Blackler: Makeup Department
Benjamin Frankel: Original Music
Betty E Box: Producer
Nicholas Phipps: Script
Kenneth Heeley-Ray: Sound Department
Gordon K McCallum: Sound Department
John W Mitchell: Sound Department


David Niven: Maj Valentine Moreland
Glynis Johns: Nocola Fallaize
George Coulouris: Capt Weiss
Barry Jones: Provost
Kenneth More: Lionel Fallaize
Noel Purcell: Trawler Langley
Bernard Lee: Brigadier
Jeremy Spenser: Georges
Patric Doonan: Sgt Forbes
Martin Boddey: Sgt Vogel
John Horsley: Naval Officer Kent
Richard Wattis: Carruthers

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