January 2, 2017


Ask a Policeman – 1939 | 83 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Ask a Policeman

In the sleepy village of Turnbottom no crime has occurred in over ten years, so the Police superiors threaten the local Police station with closure because they have made no arrests. To preserve the status quo, Sergeant Dudfoot (Hay) and his assistants (Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt) attempt to stage some bogus crimes, they arrest a motorist for speeding, knock him out, throw him in a cell and rifle his pockets – not realising that he is the Chief Constable (Peter Gawthorne) coming to investigate their station.

Next, they invent a smuggling racket to please their superiors, but then get involved with some real smugglers, complete with phantom hearse and headless driver. In the film’s climax (shot at Brooklands motor-racing track) the trio drive a London Transport bus into the smugglers’ lorry.

Production Team

Marcel Varnel: Director
Alex Vetchinsky: Art Direction
Derick Williams: Cinematography
RE Dearing: Editing
Louis Levy: Music Direction
Edward Black: Producer
Val Guest: Script
JOC Orton: Script
Marriott Edgar: Script
Sydney Wiles: Sound Department


Will Hay: Sergeant William Dudfoot
Moore Marriott: Jeremiah Harbottle/his Dad
Graham Moffatt: Albert Brown
Glennis Lorimer: Glennis Lorimer
Peter Gawthorne: Chief Constable John Cronshaw
Charles Oliver: Squire Montague Pennington
Herbert Lomas: Coastguard
Patrick Aherne: Motorist
Desmond Llewelyn: Ghost

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