January 2, 2017


Assassin for Hire – 1951 | 67 mins | Crime | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Assassin for Hire

Routine b-movie crime-drama shot at bargain basement Merton Park Studies. The slow-paced story and thin plot are boosted by solid performances from Sidney Tafler in a rare lead role and Ronald Howard as the inspector out to catch him.

Italian immigrant Antonio Riccardi (Sydney Tafler) is an assassin hired by the London underworld. He covers his tracks by claiming to be a philatelist dealing in rare stamps and uses his poker buddies to provide an alibi, but Detective Inspector Carson (Ronald Howard) is one his trail and struggling to gather any evidence. Despite his deadly occupation, Antonio is the embodiment of household respectability to his loyal wife (Maria Riccardi) and treasured brother, talented violinist Giuseppe (John Hewer).

Antonio�s one weakness is his brother, and he dreams arranges a recital for Guiseppe so he can fulfil his dreams of becoming a violin impresario. Inspector Carson realises this is the killer�s Achilles’ heel and sets about bending the rules to apprehend Antonio. After his latest murder the Inspector calls at the Riccardi home and informs them that Giuseppe was killed early in the evening, shot in a probable case of mistaken identity.

Production Team

Michael McCarthy: Director
Robert LaPresle: Cinematography
Eric Hodges: Film Editing
Jack Craig: Makeup Department
Ronnie Emanuel: Original Music
Julian Wintle: Producer
Rex Rienits: Script
Rex Rienits: Story


June Rodney: Helen Garrett
John Hewer: Giuseppe Riccardi
Katharine Blake: Maria Riccardi
Ronald Howard: Detective Inspector Carson
Sydney Tafler: Antonio Riccardi

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