January 2, 2017


Assault – 1970 | 91 mins | Thriller | Colour


Plot Synopsis


Exploitation whodunit based on Kendal Young�s obscure novel �The Ravine�, and following the grim hunt for a maniac who is responsible for multiple cases of rape on teenage schoolgirls. Director Stanley Hayers makes suspenseful use of the camera-as-murderer technique.

Beneath an electricity pylon in Devil�s End wood, a Heatherdene School female student, Tessa Hurst (Lesley-Anne Down), is raped whilst walking home. Months later a second girl is attacked and murdered whilst taking the same route. Det. Chief Supt. Velyan (Frank Finlay) is struggling for clues as the first victim is psychologically traumatised and unable to speak, andattempts to seek the help of Dr. Greg Lomax (James Laurenson) in profiling the offender and crime scene.

The only eyewitness is art mistress Julie West (Suzy Kendall), and she offers herself up as bait by using tabloid journalist Denny (Freddie Jones) to run a story announcing she is about to complete a photofit paintingof the killer within days. Instead, Lomax decides to use Pentothal on Tessa to bring her out of her comatosed state and see if she can identify the victim,but when he arrives at the hospital dispensary to collect the drug; ittranspires that a fellow-doctor has taken all the supply.

Production Team

Sidney Hayers: Director
Lionel Couch: Art Direction
Ken Hodges: Cinematography
Courtenay Elliott: Costume Design
Anthony Palk: Film Editing
Joyce Woods: Makeup Department
Eric Rogers: Original Music
George H Brown: Producer
John Kruse: Script
Barry Copland: Sound Department
William Trent: Sound Department


Suzy Kendall: Julie West
Frank Finlay: Det Chief Supt Velyan
Freddie Jones: Reporter
James Laurenson: Greg Lomax
Lesley-Anne Down: Tessa Hurst
Tony Beckley: Leslie Sanford
Anthony Ainley: Mr Bartell
Dilys Hamlett: Mrs Sanford
James Cosmo: Det Sgt Beale
Patrick Jordan: Sgt Milton
Allan Cuthbertson: Coroner

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