January 2, 2017


Assignment – 1967 | 97 mins | Thriler | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Assignment K

Uninspired and over-long trans-European espionage thriller from the prolific hand of writer/director Val Guest and crisply shot from the Technicolor camerawork of Ken Hodges. Leads Stephen Boyd and Camilla Sparv are of only marginal interest as supporting players; Leo McKern, Michael Redgrave and John Alderton provide the few moments of genuine interest.

British agent Philip Scott (Stephen Boyd), codename �Mercury�, poses as a toy manufacturer during his frequent forays into Europe, but his cover is blown and he�s under surveillance by German intelligence. He successfully returns to London and delivers the plans for a new missile tracker of a foreign power to his controller, Harris (Michael Redgrave). His Swedish girlfriend, Toni Peters (Camilla Sparv), is kidnapped by German intelligence, led by Smith (Leo McKern), who demands to know the names of all his contacts in Munich. So Scott once again ventures to West Germany.

Production Team

Val Guest: Director
Ken Hodges: Cinematography
Yvonne Blake: Costume Design
Jack Slade: Film Editing
Marjorie Whittle: Makeup Department
Tony Sforzini: Makeup Department
Basil Kirchin: Original Music
John A Coleman: Original Music
Maurice Foster: Producer
Ben Arbeid: Producer
John Blezard: Production Design
Val Guest: Script
Bill Strutton: Script
Maurice Foster: Script
Cyril Collick: Sound Department
Jim Shields: Sound Department


Stephen Boyd: Philip Scott
Camilla Sparv: Toni Peters
Michael Redgrave: Harris
Leo McKern: Smith
Jeremy Kemp: Hal
Robert Hoffmann: Paul Spiegler
Jane Merrow: Martine
Carl Möhner: Inspector
Vivi Bach: Erika Herschel
Werner Peters: Kramer
Dieter Geissler: Kurt
John Alderton: George
Jan Werich: Dr Spiegler
David Healey: David
Ursula Howells: Estelle
Basil Dignam: Howlett
Geoffrey Bayldon: The Boffin

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