January 2, 2017


Asylum – 1972 1 | 88 mins | Horror | Colour


Plot Synopsis


Based on a Robert Bloch novel, this Amicus film is a collection of four horrible stories is very much in the style of the 70s Hammer House Of Horror TV series, with each story explaining how various inmates ended up at a mental institution. Despite the horror anthology being very silly the stories are gruesomely entertaining.

Dr. Martin (Robert Powell) is the young doctor sent on a mission by his boss Dr. Rutherford (Patrick Magee), to interview the inmates of a mental institution to identify which one was the former administrator. He interviews the patients and their terrifying stories unfold, Bonnie (Barbara Perkins) is a woman who was attacked by her lover’s (Richard Todd) dead wife’s various body parts. Bruno (Barry Morse) is a tailor who made a magical suit that brought a customers (Peter Cushing) son back from the dead; Barbara (Charlotte Rampling) is a schizophrenic (Britt Ekland her alter ego) posh girl who stabbed her brother to death, and Byron (Herbert Lom) is a man who has made a murderous alter ego of himself in doll form. But who is the former administrator?

Production Team

Roy Ward Baker: Director
Denys N Coop: Cinematography
Peter Tanner: Editing
Joan Carpenter: Make-up
Roy Ashton: Make-up
Douglas Gamley: Original Music
Milton Subotsky: Producer
Max Rosenberg: Producer
Tony Curtis: Production Design
Robert Bloch: Script
Norman Bolland: Sound
Robert Jones: Sound
Clive Smith: Sound


Peter Cushing: Smith
Britt Ekland: Lucy
Herbert Lom: Byron
Patrick Magee: Dr Rutherford
Barry Morse: Bruno
Barbara Parkins: Bonnie
Robert Powell: Dr Martin
Charlotte Rampling: Barbara
Sylvia Syms: Ruth
Richard Todd: Walter

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