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    Started to watch it this evening, people who appear on tv are paired off and the aim is one pair to do a section of the globe and then pass on the carpet bag to another pair and so on so that they complete 'Around the World in 80 Days'.

    This is for 'Children in Need'.

    An absolute waste of time, the 20 minutes I watched (so am open to 'watch the whole damn thing' argument ) were more about the presenters then anything. Non dramas were made dramas, cue a lot of maps and border crossings. A camera crew and a safety (remember cars drive on the wrong side of the road here) expert so nothing's going to happen and anyhow even Jan Moir would realise the PR pixie points in letting them pass. Pointless and without merit, far better for all those involved to have worked for a month and given their wages to C i N.

    C i N, I'll make sure I'm out that night.

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    Watched it last week and gave up half way through. Agree with all Fred's comments.

    Palin's '80 Days' is perhaps my favourite TV moment ever, this is just drivel! I never watch 'The Apprentice' glad of it cos that woman was soooooooo irritating!!

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    name='Harleybloke']Palin's '80 Days' is perhaps my favourite TV moment ever

    I agree. The episode where he travels across the Arabian Gulf in a dhow with the Indian crew who he's just met is particularly heart warming.

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    I'll watch when Louise Minchin's on. I think she's lovely.

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