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    A football film, not something that film or TV tends to do very well.

    There is nothing terribly original about Yesterday's Hero. George Best was certain that it was based on him. Maybe, who knows. Ian McShane has dark hair and his father played for Man U back in the 1940s.

    What makes this a great film is the casting. The three main actors are McShane (The footballer), Adam Faith (The Manager) and Paul Nicholas (The Rock star chairman). The Soundtrack is excellent in the vein of Silver Dream Machine and Paul Nicholas plays the rock star like only Paul Nicholas can. Adam Faith's manager is a miserable sod who does not need or want yesterday's hero. Character actor Sam Kydd is McShane's father and there is an early role for Glynis Barber.

    Rather oddly, this film has never been released in the UK on either video or DVD. The only release that I am aware of is the US video which has a cover showing McShane and US actress Suzanne Somers who played Cloudy Martin, singer girlfriend of Nicholas's character Clint Simon.

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    this is a film i have been trying to track down with no success.

    it certainly sounds good and anything with ian mcshane cant be bad.

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    I vaguely remember a trailer for the film being shown during the commercial breaks on ITV, when it was released. This may even have been the first time I saw, or noticed, Ian McShane (I didn't discover ex-wife Suzan Farmer until nearly 30 years later). It's not until now that I've seen the supporting cast, which included Adam Faith , Paul Nicholas, Alan Lake, Sandy Ratcliff and even Glynis Barber (didn't know she went that far back). More surprising still is that Three's Company star Suzanne Somers was Ian's leading lady. I'd be really interested to see this film - more than I would Zuma Beach anyway! Terrible movie.

    The elusiveness of Yesterday's Hero is illustrated (or rather NOT illustrated!) by it's absence at MovieGoods, who would otherwise have lots of posters and photos of this now-rare film. Oh well ...

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    there are a few clips on youtube to whet the appetite

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    I remember seeing it on the cinema back in the late 70's and then buying the old Warwick soundtrack. Doesn't appear to have been released since.

    Quote Originally Posted by cornershop15
    even Glynis Barber (didn't know she went that far back).
    She also popped up in Norman J. Warren's enjoyable 1978 film Terror where she came to a sticky end.

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