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    I have just updated and put the final touches to a document I have been putting together for quite a while now. I hope it will be of interest to many of you here who have fond memories of the BBC colour trade test transmissions.

    My updated and completed work:

    "The Day-To-Day Schedules of BBC Trade Test Colour Films" can be found here:

    We start off in 1956 with the very early colour films which ran as experimental tests for colour from the Crystal Palace transmitter only. As you scan through the years you will see how the films build up, appearing on the new BBC-2 channel for the first time in January 1964.

    By the Autumn of 1967 a full schedule is running on BBC-2 throughout the whole day covering most of the country. Scan through each day and cherish the memories right up to the very end in August 1973.

    There is also a complete �A � Z� of every Colour Film used between 1956 and 1973. This has also been updated and can be found here:


    Malcy B

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    What a fascinating collection of information and one to be treasured for those (like me) are interested.

    I well remember gawking through the shop window of our TV shop and standing for hours-or so it seemed-watching these transmissions.Luckily the shop was next door to us so it was a sinple matter to stop off on the way home from school and waste time so I did not have to do my chores! However,they did catch up on me so they had to be done!


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