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    I need to choose my A-Level options, and I'm stuck between Film Studies or Media Studies. Film is my number one passion out of all media aspects (Radio, Video Games etc..).

    I wouldn't mind working in video games as a Cinematographer for game trailers etc, and also as an editor. But this ties into film.

    I'm so stuck what to choose between the two, my other A-Levels are: English, Business and I.T.

    Just have this feeling I will take one, and regret not choosing the other instead. Argh!

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    It depends largely on how "hands on" you want this AS/A to be. Film Studies (WJEC) is an excellent course, but largely academic in orientation (closest to Eng Lit at AS/A) - great if you fancy an academic degree as a follow up (tho' be warned that many older/more "prestigious" universities refuse to accept any A level with the word "studies" in its title as being academically "legitimate" for grade/points offer purposes - more fool them). If you want to pursue anything more practically-oriented after AS/As, then a (well-organised and properly technically equipped/supported) Media Studies course might well prove more useful. Having taught both (and having had some very bright students opt to study both at the same time), I'd say that either can be highly informative/stimulating/stretching for a bright and film-oriented/obsessed student - providing that they're well taught and that you can brace yourself to ignore the inevitable and ill-informed sniping about academic "legitimacy" from the likes of the Daily Mail and the Today programme....

    Whichever you opt for - enjoy!

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