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    In my opinion this is Mike Leigh's best and funniest film. Brenda Blethyn's first ever part, I believe, and I don't think she's ever topped this part yet. Rarely shown on TV...I still have my original VHS copy from well over 20 years ago.

    The scene on the staircase where they are trying to get Gloria out of Mr and Mrs Butchers house is amazingly acted leading up to Mrs Butcher slapping Mandy.

    According to Blethyn's biography where she mentions this film, there are fans out there who have Grown Up parties and quote the classic lines which for me are...

    "Mind my kidneys Mandy! Lucky I'm not expecting"

    "Flicky Fleet never took RK"


    " must have gone for a walk in the garden"

    "Get out and milk it"

    Anyone else a fan? Your favourite lines?

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    Yes, one of Mike Leigh's all time Classics,....

    "You Have to get a licence for a dog"

    "Mr Butcher.....Mr Butcher"


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