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    'Mystery of John Lennon's soccer sketch solved'

    Dec 30

    by Dan Warburton, Evening Chronicle:

    It's John Lennon's youthful sketch that baffled a generation of Beatles fans.

    Penned when he was just a schoolboy, the image gained iconic status after being used for the album cover of his 1974 record WALLS AND BRIDGES.

    But now researchers in Chile are claiming the childlike etching shows Toon legend George Robledo heading home the winner in Newcastle's 1951 FA Cup Final with Arsenal.

    Author Nestor Flores was in the middle of researching the mystery of George's late brother, Ted Robledo, when he discovered the famous photograph.

    Unaware of how he recognised the scene, he lay in bed at night racking his brains in a bid to jog his memory.

    And at 2am he awoke with a start in his South American home and the striking resemblance hit home - it was the artwork for Lennon's fifth album.

    In the foreground of the sketch, which was originally thought to be a self-portrait, is a Newcastle player wearing the number nine shirt, which was worn by the legendary Jackie Milburn, who scored 177 goals for the club between 1943 and 1957.

    George Robledo is seen nodding in the winner as the Gunners' keeper dives from his goal to keep the ball out......


    The newspaper published photograph and album cover, enabling readers to make a comparison.

    Online version only has album cover - which is rather frustrating.

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    Could well be right

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    Does anyone know if the Lennon original was larger, or a different dimension to the square record cover ? I never went to school in Liverpool, but in East London I don't recall any square drawing/painting/ art paper, do you ?

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    I do know that the picture of Geronimo, on the cut-away segment, is a copy of a Denis Mclaughlin colour illustration from the 1952 Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual.

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