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    Georgie Glen is an character actress, who deserves a crack at bigger roles. I was a bit annoyed after her performance as the important real life character Hannah Moore in Amazing grace, she wasn't part of picture credits at the end of the film.

    I first became aware of Georgie, as the relief police sargeant she played in the 60s drama series Heartbeat over a number of yrs. It could be because woman weren't so high profile in important police jobs in the 60s, but it was a shame it wasn't made a permanent arrangement.

    As well as AG Georgie has played supporting roles in a number of classic British movies, a senior servent to Queen Victoria in Mrs. Brown, was one of the Calender Girls and played side-kick to Julie Walters Mary Whitehouse in Filth. There was also a small role in Victoria Wood's Housewife 49

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    Here you are, Stuart. A publicity photo for Heartbeat:

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    Thanks Cornershop

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