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    There are a couple of threads here about specific episodes (linked below), but none for the series in

    general, so I would like to highlight the locations featured, starting with the episode The 'V' Men. My

    guide is Anthony Mackay's great Avengerland website which identifies many Gideon's Way Locations.

    A view of the Scotland Yard headquarters where Commander George Gideon (John Gregson) is based:

    Gideon's home in Winnington Road, London N2. I'm sure I'll find alternative shots in future episodes:

    In Anthony's location guide, Ridley Road, London E8 is given as the location for Sir Arthur Vane's rally.

    This is from the "newsreel footage of a confrontation with the British Union of Fascists" (Is that right?):

    Chisnel in the programme but actually Hampstead Town Hall, located in Haverstock Hill, London NW3:

    Rosslyn Hill, NW3 ("The jaguar carrying Sir Arthur Vane speeds away from Chisnel Town Hall"):

    Another view of Rosslyn Hill as the camera follows the car to the other end of the street:

    Holly Hill and Oak Hill Park, also featured in The 'V' Men, will be included in my next post.

    Gideon's Way Episode (The Rhyme and the Reason)

    Gideon's Way church: FAO Anthony McKay (Big Fish, Little Fish)

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    Yes - thanks to our dedicated researchers, we do have a fairly comprehensive list of the locations from GIDEON'S WAY.

    PS. it's 'McKay'

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