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    I picked up an imported DVD of the 1937 film 'Elephant Boy' last week. At first I thought it was the TV series I used to watch in the 1970's as a kid but it was in fact the original film, starring Sabu.

    It's a great film, very well shot and acted in my opinion. But two things struck me, the first being the DVD cover stating it was filmed in Africa - totally wrong as it was obviously filmed in India!

    And the second thing was one of the uncredited bit part actors was none other than John Laurie (Frazer from Dad's Army), made up as an Indian. There's a scene about 50 minutes into the film where Little Toomai is worried that the elephant is to be shot. He approaches a group of men who are talking about it, and one of them I instantly though looked like John. Then he spoke, and sure enough, despite the put-on accent, it was his unmistakable voice. This would have been one of the scenes filmed in London by Zoltan Korda, rather than a location scene. it was supposed to be outdoors but could easily have been a sound studio I think.

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    I have Elephant Boy on DVD & I reckon you are right. I also have Storm Over The

    Nile & I'm positive John Laurie pops up (uncredited) as an Arab chieftan. I've

    watched it over & over & it's definately him!

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    I'll have to look out for Storm Over The Nile. Thanks for the tip.

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