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    Probably not the one, as 1970 but it could have been shown again in the 80s as a 'tribute' ... Robin Redbreast, a Play for Today that is available on DVD, try You might also be remembering selected bits of the show, as I did with the Beasts episode Baby (overjoyed when accidentally discovered when watching the DVD that this was the story that horrified me so as a teen)
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    I'm pretty sure it isn't that Aggs, the ONLY reason that this drama sticks in my mind is for the ending, it was most shocking to realize that, not only was he in the house, but that he was probably watching down on her the whole time. If I remember rightly, the woman (the only real cast member in the whole drama) looked a bit like Anna Massey, but I've checked her IMDB roles and nothing really corresponds. It was broadcast between 1988-1995, so assuming that it wasn't a rebroadcast, that narrows the search down to just seven years, and it was definitely either an ITV of BBC production.

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    The first thing I thought of was When A Stranger Calls 2, as in the final scene the woman is walking across the room and we suddenly realise the stalker is painted into the wall by the fireplace and leaps out. Its a wonderfully scary moment!

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