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    Recently heard from a contributor to my site that Neil Wilson passed away in 1975, something I've never been able to determine.

    Always an eye catching character actor of gruff, no-nonsense demeanor. Particularly memorable as a acquisitive farmer in the Doctor Who story, Spearhead from Space.

    Horror of Frankenstein (1970)

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    I've always been struck by the resemblance of Paul Welsh (M.B.E) to Neil W.

    Paul is the man who spearheaded the campaign to save Elstree Studios and was the Leisure Officer at Hertsmere Council for many years till his relatively recent retirement. Paul has also written a film column in the Borehamwood & Elstree Times for many years.

    Film is in Paul's blood and over the years he has come to know everyone who is anyone in British movies - and a lot of the good folks from across the pond too. His passion for film shines through whenever you speak to him and he is a most charming chap whom I could sit and talk to all day...

    (And I am hoping he won't thump me next time I see him, for making this comparison...!)

    Cheers, Paul - if you're reading this, all power to you!


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    Neil was in a few episodes of THE AVENGERS, but was very good as the forensic team leader Norton in "The Interrogators".

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