I am looking for the following 5 episodes from the first series:

1. Buried Alive: A paralysing poison used to create zombies may have a future for space travellers.

2 . Miracles of Faith - or Creations of Chemistry?: Madonnas that weep and statues that drink. Are they religious or the work of fraudsters.

6 . Atlantis Found?: The search for this mystical city goes from Europe to the high plains of South America.

7 . Between Life and Death: Those who have narrowly escaped death help shed light on the workings of the human brain.

8 . ESP: Is extra-sensory perception merely a collection of coincidences or is it a skill which could help solve crimes, or even fight wars?

Anyone out there who can help please get in touch, I have all of the other episodes from series 1 and 2.