I'm looking to start a project with a writing partner. I currently have two screenplays going into production this year, though for small indie productions, and no money. At the moment I'm looking to develop an idea with someone else, give a collab a go. I think working alone can sometimes lead to tunnel vision, so I'll experiment with a partner. My tastes are diverse, and I'm open to most genres. I'd say my particular specialities would be comedy, horror, or action. I'm also looking at doing stuff that could be done realistically on low budget, and thus more sellable, and also British in style most likely.

I have a few ideas, but if you'd like to discuss a few ideas, PM me your email and I'll get back to you. I can show you a few samples of my work, and I'd need to see an example of yours. I live in the south-east of England. Location isn't that important, though I do believe at some juncture it'd be beneficial to meet if an idea begins to flourish and bloom. It might be easier if you live somewhere within reasonable distance of Buckinghamshire.

A few films that are influencing me stylistically at the moment, are Naked, Withnail & I, and Let The Right One In. I have a few ideas, but I'm looking to do something character focused, a bit different and something with some edge.

Please note this isn't a paid gig. Initially we'll discuss ideas, see if we can't get something down, and an idea out. Any script sold down the line we'd go 50-50.