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    Hi, Can you name this film, I think it was made in the 70's or 80's, could be earlier and is set in a seaside village. There is a man with a dark beard who has sex with anothers wife. The other guy had a bicycle and always goes to the beach and buries or digs for dark pebbles or similar stones. He is suspicious of this adultry and I thing is scared of the other guy, bigger older bloke with long dark hair and beard. Please help, Cheers!

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    Sounds like

    The Shout (1978)

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    I agree with The Shout.


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    Definitely. The beardy bloke is Alan Bates and the other chap is John Hurt, although Hurt is also cheating on the aforementioned wife (Susannah York) with Carol Drinkwater, the wife of the local cobbler (Nick Stringer).

    This description makes it sound like some kind of chirpy seaside sex comedy, as opposed to one of the most disturbing and disquieting horror films of all time..

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