I am undergraduate Media Production student at Bournemouth Uni. For my dissertation I am studying British social realist film. The title of my dissertation is 'Does British social realist film-making still exist?' I am writing about the history of SR in Britain, explaining how and why previous films were social realist. Part of the dissertation is a case study on contemporary social realist films. For some much needed primary research in this area, I have constructed a questionnaire to see what people think of recent social realist films. If you can take some time to answer the questions I would be truly grateful.

The films I am looking at are the recent releases, Andrea Arnold's 'Fish Tank' (2009), Loach's 'Looking For Eric' (2009) and Leigh's 'Happy Go Lucky' (2008).

1. Why do you think these films are considered social realism?

2. What would you say are the themes in each film that give them the social realist title?

3. Do you think they still have the same integrity and value as previous social realist films? Why?

4. Looking back at social realist cinema in Britain, as society has changed, the films have sought to represent reactions to the changes, particularly from a working class perspective. In the films above, how would you say they are reflecting or commenting on modern society?

5. With contemporary social realist films focusing on individual and family struggles, does this affect their ability to provide social comment?

6. Do you feel that social realist filmmaking is our national cinema? Why?

7. Do you think that British social realist films will ever achieve recognition that is attributed to Hollywood cinema?

8. It seems that the main way contemporary social realist films receive any recognition from the public is through using the already known director as a selling point, Loach and Leigh being the main example. Do you think this threatens the future of British social realist filmmaking?

If there are any questions you feel i should/need to be asking, please let me know. Also if there is anything else you want to say about British social realism please do.