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    Hi, when i was about 9 or 10 i began watching a British film which was probably made between 1960 and 65. It featured a young boy (about 10?) with spectacles and a bit reminiscent of the 'milky bar kid' From my, albeit dubious memory, he set off from his home one morning, in school uniform (i think) and had a series of short meetings with people in the streets adjacent to his own. I believe he met a tramp and then chalked a sign on the front wall of a dwelling. An angry woman came out of the house and quizzed him about why he was chalking on her wall. He managed to charm his way out of the situation by telling the woman that the symbol meant that a kind and caring person lived at that address (i doubt whether this was true!). He then met a smaller boy who had something he wanted (i can't remember what it was) but he offered to swap his water pistol for it, saying to the little lad 'you can shoot people 25 yard away with this' and then pointed to the boy's grandma and continued ' see your gran over there, you could get from here'. This unfortunately was when my bedtime had arrived and i didn't see anymore of the intriguing film. For some bizarre reason i have always wondered what happened in the film which didn't seem to have any definite plot line. Can anyone recognise it from my very sketchy outline of the first 15 minutes? If they can, could you please let me know what it was all about?

    many thanks


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    The Magnet (1950)

    Sounds awfully like this to me.

    The item he swapped for being the eponymous Magnet.

    The Tramp was James Robertson Justice playing under the alias of Seamus Mor na Feaseg because I think at the time he was standing as a Labour candidate at an election, it means Big James with the Bushy Beard.

    It was made by Ealing and is available on DVD

    EDIT: found the whole film here so you can check if its correct.

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    ....or maybe?

    The Little Ones (1965)

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    Thanks bruiser!

    Yes it was the magnet. After 45 years i'll finally be able to see how it ends now .... unless i have to to bed that is!

    thanks again


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