The Young Generation....

A Dance troupe formed by Douglas Squires. They appeared on various television shows of the late '60s and the 1970s.

Members includes.....

Heather Beckers, Bobby Bannerman, Marie Betts, Iain Burton, Anne Chapman, Chris Cooper, Jackie Dalton, Roger Finch, Denise Fone, Richard Gough, Carole Forbes, Harry Higham, Lynda Herbert, Roger Howlett, Carolyn Heywood, Nigel Lythgoe, Linda Jolliff, Rhys Nelson, Kay Korda, Colin Pilditch, Linda Lawrence, Jeremy Robinson, Cheryl Matthews, Brian Rogers, Sandy Penson, Donald Torr, Susan Toogood, Kenneth Warwick, Wei Wei Wong, Trevor Willis.

.... that was the formula

... a chorus of 12 or so guys and a chorus of 12 or so gals.

They make a great singing sound, Im sure I have one

of their LPs stashed away somewhere.

Day by Day.... Up Up and Away.... there were so many great

standard songs back then.

The Dougie Squires 'Second Generation' Song and Dance Troup

[ame=""]YouTube- The Dougie Squires 'Second Generation' Song and Dance Troup[/ame]

1975 clip of the Dougie Squires 'Second Generation' dance troup

[ame=""]YouTube- The 2nd Generation song and dance troup UK[/ame]

Of course there was dancing too and to get into the group must have been a great

opportunity for young people at that time.

Maybe too, in the early 70s.... there were enough variety type

shows and comedy type shows to give them lots of work.. Mike Yarwood, Les Dawson etc...

shows and entertainment that seems to have gone in our politically correct TV world full of Simon Cowell

and so many smug panel game shows on the BBC.

The lovely Lesley Judd was a dancer in the group

before she got the gig with Blue Peter. ( though I cant see her name listed above )

Another famous member was Nigel Lythgoe who went on to become a choreographer and is now ensconced as

the BBC's answer to Simon Cowell.