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    What is name of movie with Terrence Stamp and Samantha Eggar. He kidnapped her and kept her in a basement. The Terrence Stamp I saw was so very handsome. When I typed in his name, it showed a picture of a man not resembeling the Terrence Stamp I saw in the movie. Granted, the movie was made quite a few years ago, but the actor I saw was soooo handsome.

    The movie was just shown on Turner Movie Channel yesterday. Is it the same man, and what is the name of the movie. THANKS

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    The Collector.

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    I'm sure DB7 has hit the nail on the head. The Collector based on the book by John Fowles.

    The recent US version is also very good although considerably scarier.

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    I saw "The Collector" just a few days ago on TCM and yes, Terence was quite handsome. Good movie.

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