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    All about the search for WMD and made by Working Title. Stars Matt Damon who is very good, Greg Kinnear also good and Scouser, Jason Isaacs good as always, as a nasty US soldier. Very well done, with a good cast and a fast pace that keeps you interested throughout.

    Well worth seeing

    8 out of 10

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    I have to disagree I'm afraid.

    I thought the film was painfully slow and told an American excuse story. It was slow to start, dragged in the middle and finished predictably. The performances from the main cast was good considering what they had to work with in comparison to recent military movies such as The Hurt Locker it was a pale shadow.

    6 out of 10 mainly for good location filming and camerawork.

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    Different strokes for different folks, that's what makes the World go round.

    I personally didn't enjoy The Hurt Locker and can't see how that could win the Best Picture Oscar on merit. I am not sure they have recovered their costs yet, it hasn't done that well commercially.

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