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    For me this has got to be one of my classic films besides Ealing Studios The Dead Of Night & The Halfway House.

    The Time Machine George Pal's version is a film that i still watch over and over again and will never get bored of it, why? I suppose the only answer i can find to this is that this film was made in such glorious rich colour,the Score was very complimenting to the film and the acting was in such great detail and a lot of pain had gone into the making of this film. The Time Machine itself was a brilliant peice of imagination which came to life in such an artistical manner. I am afraid the remake to this film came no where near to it's original despite the use of computer animation and effects. In the day of this original version there was no such thing as Computer effects it all had to be done by time lapse photography which took many hours even months to perfect. I remember as a child seeing the Morlocks for the first time was very frightening and still would be to most children today. But everything about this film was brilliant and the one line that has always stuck with me is from the Character David who turns to his freind George and says

    "Ahh ya have all the time in the world" great Scott accent.

    And what about A Matter Of Life And Death David Niven as Peter Carter: The Score in this peice is also haunting those single notes being played on the Piano as David Niven moves along on these moving stairs with his Heaveny Escort trying to dupe him as they get closer and closer to heaven.

    The opening scene of this film with the Narrator showing to us the Universe this guy had such a tremendous voice, one of those voices you could sit for hours on end listening to. This film to shot in both Black & White and Colour and the Colour was so vibrant and as for June she was beautifull was'nt she.

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    I enjoyed this film because it shows ideas of what might happen to the human race and I find that very interesting!

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    The remake had it's moments but by the time it got going it was nearly over.

    Samantha Mumba is a terrible actress and Jeremy Irons looked like he was in drag!.

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    Terrible compared with the Rod Taylor version. Wells' cautionairy tale is turned into more of romantic actioneer.

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    The remake is watchable up to a point but when he finally ends up in that jungle and in the world of Samantha Mumba, Jeremey Irons and the Morlocks it all falls apart and becomes a CGI laden actioneer, and not a very good one at that. Its a real disappointment as the first 30 - 40 minutes of the film seem promising. I think the original is far superior and holds it charm and magic right to the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DB7
    Terrible compared with the Rod Taylor version. Wells' cautionairy tale is turned into more of romantic actioneer.

    It is the old version we use to support GCSE English classes studying Wells' novel. It is much closer - although still dumbed down and far too upbeat for my liking.

    On the plus side, it fits a late fifties fear of the bomb agenda to the story very nicely - and I love the "which books would you take" finale!

    And it's got Tyne and Wear's very own Scrooge McDuck: Alan Young - still going strong... at 90 years young!

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    'These are the talking rings? They speak? Of what?' asks 'The Time Traveller.'

    'Things no one here understands' is the reply from 'Weena.'

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    Did you spot Alan Young (the original Filby from the 1960 version) in the 2002 version as a flower seller in a brief cameo?

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    The time machine. The original one,starring Rod Taylor,is by far,the best. The remake,a waste of time,it was ok for a saturday afternoon,if nothing else,of interest,on the telly to watch.

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    Nicholas Meyer' Time After Time is very good, I prefer this (even if J. the Ripper is not an original character) to the Time Machine (the Morlocks are really ridiculous, and I can't help laughing each time I see them )!!

    Also the directing is a bit "dated/pasted", but there are good moments, the 'time traveling' with the machine is well done....

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