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    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where to post it.

    Well there are rumours going around the internet that a boxset is going to be released next year. So I am planning to head Warner Bothers off, as I am sure they are probably planning to release Jean's films as a set in their effing archive collection. What does that mean? High postage to buy from a US site who will add a few pence extra to each film. So if you want a boxset of Jean's films avalible in your country please sign the following petiton:

    DO NOT FORGET! When signing the petition add your country into the comment box. If you just add it in the box that says country it doesn't show up on the petition as I found out, and that is no good. As Warners need to see that there is interest from lot's of diffrent countries NOT THE US ONLY!

    Jean Harlow Box Set World Wide Release - Petition Spot

    Also to people who may not be aware companies like Warner Brothers are trying to put a stop to multi-region DVD players. So if they only release the set in the US in the Archive Collection you might not be able to play them on your TV in the future.

    This is my first attempt in fighting Warner Borthers for world wide releases and if you are a person who feels strongly about things as I do. You will understand.

    P.S I did NOT add any of the pictures that show up on the petition page.

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    I'd hope that she gets the same treatment as Garbo did on her centenary - that was a nice enough set, if not as complete as I would have liked.

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