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    Can anyone help me with a DVD copy of this WWII documentary about the battleship sinking at Scapa Flow which was first broadcast last year?

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    i may have this.i will have a look and come back if i have it.

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    The first Powell & Pressburger film was The Spy in Black (1939) [aka U-Boat 29 in the States]

    This film was based on a novel by J. Storer Clouston, written in 1917, about a U-boat attack on Scapa Flow during the first world war and the film was made towards the end of 1938.

    But the sinking of the Royal Oak by U-47 on 14 October 1939 certainly made the subject matter appear more real to people and gave the attendance figures for the film a big boost.

    By pure coincidence, it was on 14 October 1939 when this review appeared in Picturegoer & Film Weekly


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