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    In the early 80's the skala tv rental service in the Netherlands showed movies on their televisons in their shop windows.

    I am looking for the name of the film they showed.

    It was probably an american/canadian film about the cold war.

    A few things i can remember

    1. a men opens a briefcase in that brief case are two aluminium containers kind of silves colored small fire extinguesers. He takes one out pull the handle and throws it in a black car.

    2. a men with a bomb belt at a large open space. he walks to his target.

    3. a men with a sniper rifle on top of a high building not a modern one but with large bloks of stones from a quarry.

    4. The man with the rifle shoots the men with the bomb belt in his forhead

    5. The man who shoots could be sean connery of lee marvin


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    It sounds like Gorky Park

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    Gorky Park is a possibility but the suitcase part makes me think of Michael Caine in the Billion Dollar Brain

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    Me too jon and the sniper could be Karl Malden, the only thing that sounds like Gorky Park is Lee Marvin. Here's another shot in the dark.. The Fourth Protocol.

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    Sounds a bit like the end of The Satan Bug.

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