Image: Star Trek - The Galileo Seven episode (1967)

Phyllis Hodges Boyce, born on July 24, 1936, one of the last surviving

cast members of Gone with the Wind, passed away on May 12, 2010. She

was born in Hollywood, Calif. to Ridgeway Callow, a Manxman of England

and graduate of Cambridge who served in the RAF. He was hired by

Howard Hughes as an accountant in New York and with his wife, Margaret

Watts a Ziegfeld girl and socialite. They moved to Hollywood and

worked in the motion picture industry as an award winning second unit

director. Phyllis was the baby, Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the

Wind as a two year old on the horse with Clark Gable.

Phyllis grew up in Malibu and West Los Angeles, Calif.

She was an actress and played many roles in movies and television,

notably Star Trek and Batman, as Phyllis DOUGLAS.

Phyllis later became a Real Estate Broker, for 33 years, in Grass

Valley, Calif. and the Palm Springs area for the past 20 years.

Phyllis is survived by her husband, Robert B. Boyce; son, John Ryan

Boyce; daughters, Nancy Lee Douglas of Castaic, Calif. and Sharon

Leeds; and granddaughter, Samantha Leeds of Eugene, Ore. Phyllis was

so loved by friends and family, and considered our lifestyle at

Outdoor Resort Palm Springs, a Recreational Vehicle Country Club the

best place on earth. Phyllis and Bob had what she considered the best

fourth quarter of life together, what a gift we have and what a gift

to friends. As Phyllis says "I am going to see Jesus." Phyllis will be

placed at the Forest Lawn Mausoleum in Cathedral City, Calif. A small

family service will be held at the Mausoleum site. Forest Lawn

Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries.

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