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    Dear Fellow 'B' Movie fans!!

    Renown Pictures Ltd is Delighted to announce our two new releases - Officially Released June 15Th:


    RRP �14.99

    MARILYN - AKA ROAD HOUSE GIRL - Sandra Dorne plays Marilyn, the sexy young wife of ill-tempered garage owner Leslie Dwyer. Assuming that his wife is fooling around with mechanic Maxwell Reid, Dwyer begins punching Reid out. Defending himself, Reid accidentally kills his boss. Marilyn helps Reid cover up the crime and together the two strike out to find a new life. Several months later, the couple is running a just-getting-by roadhouse. Wealthy Ferdy Mayne agrees to lend the couple some money, figuring that Marilyn will offer her affections as repayment. But things take a sorry turn when Mayne begins to suspect that Reid has committed a murder.

    STOCK CAR - The fast paced world of stock car racing provides the backdrop of this British adventure. The story centres on Katie Glebe as she attempts to save her fathers failing garage after he is killed during a race. She ends up assisted by an American driver, Larry Duke. Unfortunately, creditor Turk McNeil is determined to take the garage to repay a debt. Real trouble ensues when Turks lover Gina becomes interested in Larry.

    Directed By Wolf Rilla

    Year Of Production 1953 / 1955 (B&W)

    Running Time 67 / 65 mins

    Cast MARILYN - Maxwell Reed, Sandra Dorne, Leslie Dwyer, Vida Hope, Ferdy Mayne, Hugh Pryse, Kenneth Connor, Ben Williams, Gerald Rex, Hugh Munro

    STOCKCAR - Paul Carpenter, Rona Anderson, Susan Shaw, Harry Fowler, Robert Rietty, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Sabrina, Alma Taylor, Lorric Desmond

    And our Second Release for JUNE


    RRP �12.99

    medical thriller about a police inspectors frantic search for a donor with a rare blood type willing to save a young girls life. The hospital�s chief surgeon Dr. Carter (Anthony Steel), aided by Scotland Yard�s Inspector Lane (Jack Warner), launch a nationwide hunt to save the leukaemia sufferer's life.

    Directed By Lewis Gilbert

    Distributed By Butchers Film

    Year Of Production 1952 (B&W)

    Running Time 87 mins

    Territories / Rights Available All Media - Worldwide

    Cast Jack Warner, Anthony Steel, Sid James, Thora Hird, Joy Shelton, Earl Cameron, John Robinson, Eric Pohimann, Sydney Tafler, Geoffrey Hibbert, Henry Hewitt, Vida Hope, Avis Scott, Freddie Mills, Peggy Bryan

    EXCLUSIVE EARLY BIRD OFFER For Renown B Movie Club Members - order both now and receive �5.00 OFF!! Should pay �27.98 ORDER NOW AND PAY �22.98 (+ P&P)!!!!

    How it works: Either order direct from us online at Welcome to Renown Pictures - British Classic Movies and exciting investigative documentaries. and we will refund the �5.00 to you card - or send us a cheque to:

    Renown Pictures ltd

    Strawplait Barn Studios, Croft Lane, Chipperfield, Herts WD4 9DX

    Tel: +44 (0)1923 290555 Welcome to Renown Pictures - British Classic Movies and exciting investigative documentaries.

    JOIN THE RENOWN 'B' MOVIE CLUB FREE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please note official release date for both titles is June 15th therefore you should expect to receive your order after this date.

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    Are the missing apostrophes your error? Or is that the way the blurb appears on the DVD covers?

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    Thanks for the info rp.........It's much appreciated by fans of post-war Britmovies, many favourite stars appearing in them I see.

    I don't suppose your company has Michael Powell's The Queen's Guards by any chance?

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