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    Could anyone please advise as to the title of a spy/espionage film?

    Set at the end of, or just after WW2, British chap, American and Russian (plus the usual love interest) on a train heading for (presumably) Berlin.

    Brit takes most the knocks, foils the baddies with the help of the Russian. Train arrives at station in bombed out city, car and driver waiting for American, shortly after, officer in jeep arrives to collect Russian. All depart leaving Brit standing alone in middle of blitzed landscape. Film ends with Brit walking away as camera rises, panning out as it does so.

    Seem to remember that it was in black and white.

    Any available information would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    name='dylan' date='28 June 2010 - 02:14 PM' timestamp='1277730850' post='445474']

    Berlin Express?


    I'd agree with that, too.


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    Many thanks to you both.

    As the lead was Robert Ryan, not a British actor, it looks like my memory is not as good as I thought.

    Many thanks for the confirmation provided.


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