Does anyone have a copy of 'The Tyne Slides By' which was the pilot for a BBC series in, I think, the 70's entitled "The Camera and the Song".

The series featured different urban regions of Britain in which a local songwriter composed music and songs about the area - which were then illustrated by a top BBC cameraman and editor - in order to create a lyrical impression of the region. In the case of Newcastle the composer was Alex Glasgow who came up with some wonderful songs. ( Birmingham featured later in the series in a programme entitled 'Here Come the Brummies' to the music of Ian Campbell and the camera of John Else.) The whole series was produced by John Bird who had come up with an original idea which made memorable television. Having recently heard a CD of some of Alex's songs from the show I would love to be able see the programme again.

If anyone does still have a it I would willingly cover all their costs if they could possibly make me a copy.

Many thanks.


Sorry about posting this again but previously I entered it in the wrong Forum.