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    In the light of the current BBC2 programme, THE GREAT BRITISH HOME MOVIE ROADSHOW, I am wondering if anybody has a recollection of a series called THE HOME MOVIE FRONT which BBC2 showed around 1985? The six episodes each had a theme, one of which was the village of Aspley Guise where some enthusiastic home-movie-maker had made a really interesting little film about his village. The BBC had appealed for movie makers to send in any films they may have found in their attics.

    John Huntley made an earlier 6-part series called ATTIC ARCHIVES, which I have, but I am hoping to find the later HOME MOVIE FRONT series.

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    Watched the first program, excellent footage of times gone by, but why oh why do they need four people to 'present' it?

    Surely just one 'voice-over' giving brief background information would suffice - let the pictures speak for themselves.


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