Worton Hall (AKA Isleworth) closed in 1952. Ed Harris is writing a history of the studio for the BFI for publication next year and is looking for material so if anyone has a particular insight I'm sure he'd be grateful to hear it. Contact Ed on 020 8894 5136 or e.harris510@btinternet.com .

One interesting (at least to me!) point he makes is that Alexander Korda's relocation of the giant silent stage to Shepperton, where it became H stage, may not have happened in 1948 as is generally accepted and that it may have been used for The African Queen, made at Worton in 1951. It would certainly have been ideal as it measured 250 ft x 120 ft and could be completely flooded. It was built to accommodate some of the massive sets for the extraordinary production of Things to Come in 1936 as Denham was then not fully up and running.