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    Can anyone help me with this very low key late 50s/early 60s British movie about a middle-aged insurance investigator who cracks a case ahead of the police. Black and white. In the style of the Edgar Wallace Mysteries, I think.

    I remember a caravan near a cliff. It might have caught fire.

    Very understated and the lead character was unassuming to the point of almost being an English Columbo!

    I thought it might have been Ronald Fraser - but can't find the credit. Certainly not usual leading man features...

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    Smokescreen (1964)?


    A car catches fire - not sure about a caravan, though.


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    Smokescreen (1964)?


    A car catches fire - not sure about a caravan, though.


    That's the one! Car going over the cliff - Brighton. The wonderful Peter Vaughan...

    Brilliant, thanks!

    Love to see that again... and you can rent it on LoveFilm! Yipee!

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