Frankly I love all the old Black and Whites but LET GEORGE DO IT would have to be top of my list for many reasons. George Formby was top of his game in this one from 1940 in which he beats the Nazi agents and gets the girl, and boy what a girl! I can also remember as a young 12 year old loving the scene where Coral Browne is sat on a bed with George and she slips backwards flashing her stocking, yes these things did stick in a young lads mind in the 70�s even in a 1940�s flick. George got to perform some super songs in this movie and not least my personal favourite Mr Wu�s a Window Cleaner Now with a superb Uke solo using the slim model Abbott Ukelele banjo. A strong supporting cast also appear in this one not least Garry Marsh, Romney Brent and Renown regular Bill Shine often sited as pinching Mr Pastry�s act!