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    Hi, Many years ago I recorded the above episode on Granada Plus. When I came to transfer it to DVD recently I relaised that I had recorded over part 1 so now only have part 2! Does anyone know if this episode is available anywhere. I have the 60's box set and it is not on there.

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    Robert,you might try this site: VHS and DVD releases of Coronation Street-Corriepedia The address is not case sensitive. Good Luck.

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    Makes you wonder why they aren't releasing all the episodes on DVD. I believe that they all exist.

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    Yes, I've often wondered about that too.They could release them year by year.I'd buy them!.

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    Hope its OK to ask about something that happened on Corrie but probably late seventies. It was a rather lengthy monologue by Bert Tilsley which I think was in response to his sons leaving but cant be sure. For me, it was one of the most emotive scenes (apart from the rare flashback of Elsie Tanners son when she realised he had been at her purse years before).

    I know its like looking for a needle in a haystack only worse but hopefully someone out there will know. Thoughts gratefully received.

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