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    New to DVD (R2) - Forces Sweetheart (UK 1953)

    Forces Sweetheart [DVD]: Hy Hazell, Michael Bentine, Harry Secombe, Freddie Frinton, John Ainsworth, Molly Weir, Maclean Rogers: DVD

    Sounds good !
    Forces' Sweetheart (1953) - IMDb

    ' Given that 2 of the original "Goons" are in this and one is the writer you would expect this to be at least reasonably funny.Bentine was one of the most inventive writers for TV.His "Its A Square World" was at the time hilarious and won international awards.Here everything falls flat.The only actor who is in any way funny is Freddy Frinton who is relying on his drunk act.The rest is embarrassingly bad.Particularly a boxing sketch at the end.Pity Bentine did not watch Chaplin or Laurel & Hardy.The musical numbers featuring Hy Hazell and the chorines are numbingly bad.The sets are so shoddy and small you feel that if anyone were to lean on them they would come crashing down.If anyone wants a reason why cinemas shut down in such large numbers in the 50s they need look no further than this film for their answer'.

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    I stole myself to watch Forces Sweetheart last night thinking Julian’s critique may be somewhat unjust, but no - if anything it is complementary. It’s strange how one can be a devoted lifelong fan of the Goon Show and yet view this kind of film as akin to purgatory. I became more and more irritated with Harry Secombe’s character and the general level of silliness was only exceeded by the other Goonish film Down Among The Z Men. The boxing match sequence was the last straw - it was too long, too silly and seemed to be aimed at five years olds only.
    Having said that, I confess to laughing at the joke about the Scotsman walking through the long grass! Amazingly I stayed with it to the end, probably because I’ve always been a closet fan of Hy Hazell but I don’t quite know why.

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