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    No self-respecting super villain bent on world domination would dream of having a secret headquarters without some kind of super mono-rail transport system to swish around on! Think Blofeld in You Only Live Twice.


    When was the first ever?

    None of the Bond examples pre-date Dr Crow's in Carry On Spying! But surely the Carry On team didn't invent this staple of the genre?

    Which was first and which is the most super secret supervillian mono-rail in cinema history?

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    The British Library would make a great super-villain HQ. It has a Carry On Spying-style conveyor belt system to whizz the books, plus electronic rolling stacks where enemy spies could be squished to death.

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    A monorail is featured in The Time Machine with Rod Taylor .... no supervillains though.

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    There's also one in Fahrenheit 451 (1966). It was meant to represent the society of the future. The baddies were really just the system, which sent firemen to burn books, which were forbidden. F451 was filmed in England, apart from the monorail sequences, which were done in France.

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